Sandro Motas breathing workshops are an invitation to connect with one’s most precious and underutilized resource – the breath.


During your session you will be taken through a journey using an array of different breathing techniques. The powerful yet simple breathing technique will help to stir up emotions you have stored in the bottom of your soul and bring them to the surface in a safe and guided environment to help you deal with and process this pain to make room for healing, acceptance, and peace.


Every session is personally designed to suit the participant’s personal life path and focuses on letting go, and finding acceptance and peace with traumas or difficulties that life throws our way.


Sandro’s breathing sessions are suitable for everyone and have been extremely powerful for people dealing with mental illness, abuse, substance abuse and high level executives looking to improve their leadership skills.


It is an introduction into the magic and mystery of the breath, a simple, ever-present and sacred tool that can be used to bring balance and harmony to everyday life.

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Sandro Mota – Human Enhancement Coach


Sandro is an award-winning wellness coach with over 16 professional qualifications, crowned top 5 Mr Universe, professional physique athlete in 2017.

  • – Creator of Sandro-mota breathwork
  • – Over 20 years experience in the wellness industry
  • – Has helped thousands of clients throughout his career


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