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We all know that healthy, happy and stress-free employees are more productive and take less time off work, which is a win-win for both businesses and employees. The “Wellness in the Workplace” survey released by BusinessNZ in 2013, found 61% of New Zealand companies with more than 100 employees had a wellness program in place.

So how do you know what type of corporate wellness program will be most effective with your employees? Wellness is broken down into three key areas of focus, mind, body and spirit. While it is still effective to offer your employees a discounted gym membership, or free fruit bowls in the staff kitchen, in order to do something that is truly effective, memorable and long-lasting you need to ensure your program focuses on all 3 of these key areas.

Sandro’s corporate wellness programs are individually designed for each workplace. Sandro works deeply with the company on getting to the roots of their problems and designing strategies and exercises to overcome these. Sandro has been helping leaders in corporations to become aware of what has been underlying their work actions in a very unique and powerful way. He offers different packages for each individual’s goals and he delivers a very unique approach with his hands-on workshops and training.

What’s included:
– Free initial consultation to understand the company needs
– Sleep coaching
– Breathing session
– Personal development and self-awareness
– Hands-on anger management session
– Team bonding
– Trauma release
– Mindset training
– Human enhancement coaching on each area mentioned above


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Human Enhancement Coach

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Sandro is a leading human enhancement coach. With over 20 years in the wellness industry, he has helped thousands of clients transform their lives by connecting deeply with their mind, body & spirit through the breath.

Sandro is super passionate about supporting his clients to achieve an optimum physical, mental and emotional state using the powerful modality of breathwork and has created his own unique format called The MOTA Method.

Many of his clients have shared that their session with Sandro was one of the most profound and impactful experiences of their lives. The result of his sessions can be truly life-changing.

Sandro has a robust knowledge base and is a certified Win Hoff instructor, an Advanced Buteyko instructor, a Robbins and Madanes intervention coach, an NLP coach, a certified Hypnotherapist, and a Rebirthing instructor.


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Many of my staff have been badly affected by the tragic event in Christchurch in March 2019. The healing impact on my team was simply amazing. The feedback I received over the subsequent couple of days was touching.

I have since engaged Sandro for a number of situations, always with the same outcome. The value of his breathing coaching stretches way beyond the actual session, as participants are empowered to use the technique on an ongoing basis in both their personal and professional lives.

Amanda Singleton

Chief Customer Officer – Watercare

When I went to my first breathing session, I was somewhat curious, giddy and skeptical. Only a few minutes into the theory of the session, my curiosity turned to interest; after the first few deep belly breaths, my giddiness was gone as I started drifting into a place of deep serenity and calm. After the full experience, the skeptic in me was transformed into an advocate.  What Sandro offers me is much more than the fast recovery after a gruelling 2k. To be honest, I cannot exactly describe what it is, but I know that I’d give up a lot to keep doing what he teaches me.

Waldo S.

18 year old , Rower.