Do you want to improve your mind health? Lower stress and anxiety levels? Or simply get a good nights sleep?


Sandro’s mind coaching workshops are an invitation to design and develop personal strategies to help find more clairty and peace through your personal life path. In todays world, it is more important than ever to spend time working on your clarity of mind as well as your physical body.


Sandro’s workshops will help you devlop skills personal to you and your specific journey. No one person is the same, and that is a wonderful thing!


What you can learn:


– The essential skills for developing mental strength and a winners mindset
– Learn decision making tools for effective results
– Develop strategies for higher levels of thinking and clarity of thought
– Dealing with pressure
– Developing confidence to perform at your optimum and integrating mental conditioning into daily practices for optimum performance
– Strategies to develop mental toughness and characteristics
– Understanding the science behind motivation
– Learning the key elements to develop a growth mindset


Sandro Mota – Human Enhancement Coach


Sandro is an award-winning wellness coach with over 16 professional qualifications, crowned top 5 Mr Universe, professional physique athlete in 2017.


  • – Creator of Sandro-mota breathwork
  • – Over 20 years experience in the wellness industry
  • – Has helped thousands of clients throughout his career


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