One on One Breathing Session

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What’s included:
– A 2-hour life-changing experience
– In-person consultation
– Sandro Mota trauma release breathwork session



In-Person or Online


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Dealing with a traumatic life event can be very difficult and overwhelming. Coping with such a high level of stress can reduce our ability to cope and often blindside us when we least expect it. Added to this is the longevity of the traumatic responses in some cases, can be felt for months, or even years, after the event.

Depending on the type of trauma suffered it is important to recognize how it is affecting your life and to seek help as soon as you can. For years western medicine has been reactive instead of proactive. The use of pharmaceutical suppressors such as anti-anxiety pills and antidepressants do not treat the root of the pain, instead, they mask it for a certain period of time, until the trauma reappears.

Sandro has developed a unique drug-free healing program that has helped thousands of people suffering from serious traumatic experiences such as rape victims, child abuse, bullying, parental disapproval syndrome, traumatic divorces, grieving, and forgiveness.

As people carry on in life, traumatic experiences keep arising as a chance for us all to evolve as a human race, these trauma release breathing sessions get you face to face to those memories in a safe environment, where you will perhaps relive the trauma but this time in an empowering, strong way where you will not be the victim that you were back then.

Sandro Mota breathwork is a combination of highly recognized breathwork techniques and energy healing. Sandro will work with you to identify your personal pain points, help you come to an understanding of why and how they are there, then guide you through a powerful breathing session to bring those pain points to the surface, and work on releasing this pain from deep inside you. After your session, most clients feel an overwhelming sense of peace, labeled a “truly life-changing experience”. Sandro will check in with you following your session to ensure you feel completely safe and supported throughout the whole process.

Sandro has had most of his clients/patients referred by medical doctors who know his work well and have experienced it for themselves.

What’s included:
– A 2-hour life-changing experience
– In-person consultation
– Sandro Mota trauma release breathwork session


In-Person or Online

Important Health Note:

Please do not sign up to any Breathwork session if you have any of the following:

– Brain Injury

– Heart Problems

– Epilepsy

– Seizures

– uncontrolled high blood pressure

– Are pregnant


3 reviews for One on One Breathing Session

  1. Cherie

    I decided to try a private breathing session with Sandro as my son had been doing them and I wanted to understand what he was experiencing. I struggled to let myself go to begin, but once I did I had the most amazing breathing session. I can’t explain my session as it’s quite a unique experience, but I can say it was amazing to tap into emotions that were very deep and forgotten. Thank you Sandro for being amazing. For helping me open my heart again and face demons that were hiding within my soul. Your truely an amazing person.

  2. Kendall Cochrane

    Life-changing experience! Highly recommended

  3. David Maxwell

    I can’t recommend Sandro’s work enough. This has helped me release a lot that was holding me back and gain a new perspective to embrace and enjoy life. If you feel interested in this but something is holding you back I could only say step into it. Outside your comfort zone is where the magic is waiting.

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