Sandro has created the powerful and revolutionary healing therapy called The MOTA Method.


This is a hybrid of intervention coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy and breathwork that infuses his 30 years of knowledge from his Kardecist spiritual practice. Sandro’s method is considered advanced healing therapy, where science-based techniques meet spirituality. His sessions are a profound journey of self-discovery, as you dive deep into your unconscious mind to unleash your innate true potential of self-love, and self-belief.


A session will help you develop a heightened level of self-awareness, realigning you to the mind, body, spirit connection. It will also accelerate the process of peeling back the layers to help you see your true self. Every session is personally designed to suit the participant’s personal life path and focuses on letting go, and finding acceptance and peace with traumas or difficulties that life throws our way.


It is an introduction to the magic and mystery of the breath, a simple, ever-present and sacred tool that can be used to bring balance and harmony to everyday life.


As someone who has been experimenting with breath work for the last few years, I was really eager to spend time with Sandro. I had a great understanding of the Wim Hof technique but had no idea how much more there was to explore. Through my powerful sessions with Sandro I have come to understand the true power of the breath, I can say he has changed my perspective immensely, not only because of his nature and generosity of spirit but also for his incredible skill and understanding of how the breath, can truly change our lives. I believe in 10 years breath work will be a fundamental part of our every day routine and I feel lucky that I now have such an inspiring mentor in this space.

Domonic Bowden – NZ TV personailty

Many of my staff have been badly affected by the tragic event in Christchurch in March 2019. The healing impact on my team was simply amazing. The feedback I received over the subsequent couple of days was touching.

I have since engaged Sandro for a number of situations, always with the same outcome. The value of his breathing coaching stretches way beyond the actual session, as participants are empowered to use the technique on an ongoing basis in both their personal and professional lives.

Amanda Singleton

Chief Customer Officer – Watercare

When I went to my first breathing session, I was somewhat curious, giddy and skeptical. Only a few minutes into the theory of the session, my curiosity turned to interest; after the first few deep belly breaths, my giddiness was gone as I started drifting into a place of deep serenity and calm. After the full experience, the skeptic in me was transformed into an advocate.  What Sandro offers me is much more than the fast recovery after a gruelling 2k. To be honest, I cannot exactly describe what it is, but I know that I’d give up a lot to keep doing what he teaches me.

Waldo S.

18 year old , Rower.

I was lucky enough to spend a weekend with Sandro recently, experiencing his absolute talent through breathwork and trauma release. Working in the health and wellness industry, I thought I knew how to breathe properly, but I couldn’t even blow up a balloon! After the trauma-release work, I felt physically lighter, having released my definition of ‘trauma’ that I didn’t know existed within me. I can’t recommend working with the incredible Sandro enough

Fiona Kendall

Nutritional Health Support

It was a tough period in my life after the global financial crisis and I was around 125kg. Sandro gave me the tools to go on and complete an Ironman in March 2018. The day I weighed in at the event I had lost 30kg since starting my better life journey. I trusted Sandro with my life for a while and thank goodness I did. If your life is shit and you just don’t have the answers then I strongly recommend you talk to Sandro and get involved with whatever suits you. He is the most trusted and real person and mentor I know.

Shane Smith

Ironman competitor

Having witnessed the impact of Sandro’s breathing therapy on athletes I know, I wanted to experience it myself. What an experience it was! Sandro’s approach engenders trust. I knew that for the duration of the session, I, and my well-being, was his only concern. The emotional relief I felt after the session is indescribable. Sandro is simply a master! I will 100% go back to him when possible. I wish I could gift a Sandro experience to every single one of my friends.

Kayli S.

Hockey Athlete

Sandro is an incredibly talented person, other than being of the top breathwork and personal performance coaches in the country. He is also one of the most authentic, deeply compassionate human beings you will ever meet. His workshops are simply life changing!! And allow people to break through barriers they didn’t even know where there holding them back. If you ever get a chance to see Sandro in person, do it! You won’t regret it!

Ben Warren

Founder of BePure

After coming out of a crazy, emotionally difficult relationship, I struggled to cope with life. I suffered from severe anxiety and had symptoms of PTSD.
I had a private breathing session with him, then a full day one at his house and several with the “Woman Revive Group”. Sandro literally saved my life. He is such a wonderfully caring and giving person and I can not sing his praises high enough. Thanks my friend, I will be forever grateful

Gerda Venter


I am a GP at Cambridge Family Health and I have been happy to refer my patients to see Sandro. The reports I get back are that Sandro has really helped them make big breakthroughs in managing symptoms such as anxiety, depression and insomnia. His techniques enable my patients to learn different ways of managing their symptoms, which can be sufficient on their own, but they can also work alongside psychology and counselling if needed.

Dr Prabani Wood

GP / Director







Can’t make it in to see Sandro? No problem, he offers Skype sessions from the comfort and privacy of your own home. All sessions are as intuitive as a one-to-one session, and there are no health and safety risks allowing Sandro to reach people in hard to find places!



Working together one-to-one, Sandro can help you develop the systems, support and accountability to transform your life and find the lifestyle, diet and positive self-care habits that work for you.



Sandro often hosts workshops and retreats to allow groups to supercharge their batteries in certain areas. This is a powerful, life changing, experience where you’ll rediscover yourself, learn tools and techniques that will help you in many aspects of life. Follow Sandro on Facebook to be kept up to date with the latest workshops.



Bespoke corporate packages and programmes enable both individuals and teams to find balance for their personal health and happiness and professional success and productivity – meaning you have a happier, more productive and focused workforce.